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Bay Shores, Newport Beach, California

The Bayshores community in Newport Beach, California is one of the most sought after waterfront communities in the beach cities of Orange County, California. Bay Shores is a private, 24 hour guard gated community with homes fronting Newport Bay. The Bay Shores part of town offers outstanding bay and water views as well as access to two private beaches right on the bay, one for residents only and the other for guests. Bay Shores also has 2 yacht marinas, a community guest dock, as well as sports amenities such as sand volleyball courts, playgrounds and more!

Bay Shores in Newport Beach is a community with a population of about 41,000 people and has a median household income of $125,171. Bay Shores is an unincorporated community that sits along the Pacific Ocean shoreline. The area covers about one square mile with a population density of 27,114 per square mile. Bay Shores is a family friendly gated community on Newport Harbor with many spectacular homes!  

A fun fact about Bay Shores is that Hollywood legend John Wayne spent a lot of time at his residence right in the Bay Shores community where the “Duke” lived and raised his family for nearly 2 decades!

Native Trees of Orange County, California

The native tree population in Orange County is quite diverse. More than 175 tree species can be found there, including many that are not typically seen East of the Rocky Mountains. One reason for this diversity may be due to the county’s location on a climatic transition zone between two major biomes -the Mediterranean and Mojave Deserts- which means it has more mild/wet winters (due to Pacific storms) and hotter summers compared with other southern counties westward towards Los Angeles like Ventura or Santa Barbara.

The most common type of tree you’ll see while driving around Southern California will likely be a eucalyptus tree from Australia because they’re drought tolerant and grow quickly. Eucalyptus trees in Southern California can grow up to 100 feet tall. For this reason alone, it is always a great idea to get professional help when caring for these magnificent trees. 

The eucalyptus tree is a native plant of Australia and Tasmania. It grows up to 100 feet (30 meters) in height, according to the United States Department of Agriculture Forest Service. The trees grow best in summer conditions with an average temperature range between 60°F-90°F degrees Fahrenheit during the day as well as cool night temperatures that don’t drop below 50°F degrees Fahrenheit. Eucalyptus trees need some protection from harsh winter weather by planting them on hillsides or windbreaks but they are not very tolerant soils because they suffer when there’s too much water or too little moisture available. The wood harvested from eucalyptus trees is commonly used for fencing, railroad ties, plywood, flooring and other uses. 



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Bay Shores Newport Beach Tree Service

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