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Lido Isle, Newport Beach

Lido Isle is a beautiful man-made island in the harbor of Newport Beach, California. The island is surrounded by a variety of trees such as the Lido Isle Eucalyptus, the Palo Verde, and Coastal Redwoods. Common among most California landscapes these days are Ornamental Acacias. These trees grow fast and can be trimmed to make them stay small or let them get huge for privacy screening from neighbors with similar trees.

Lido Isle in Newport Beach is a beautiful place to live. There are many trees, which provide shade and also a sense of peace. When those trees need to be removed or pruned for any reason, it’s important that the work is completed in the most environmentally friendly way possible. Beach Tree Service is here to take care of all your tree needs!

Lido Isle is also a major tourist destination and the trees are a prime fixture in these scenic surroundings. Beach Tree Service is happy to provide tree trimming, tree planting, stump removal, or any other tree related service you may need.

Tree Service Lido Isle

Looking for tree removal services on Lido Isle?

If your yard has deadwood that needs to be removed then we can take care of it for you! Our professional crews have planted hundreds of new trees across the Beach Cities area, so let us know what kind of tree suits you best and we’ll set up an appointment with one of our experts who specializes in that type of planting.

The first thing you should know about our company is that we will always go out of our way to make sure that our customers get fair prices for their work with us. We want everyone at Lido Isle (and beyond) to have access to quality service without having to break open their wallets unnecessarily.



Whether you are looking for tree removal, maintenance, stump grinding, or any other tree service, contact Beach Tree Service to discuss your project!

Tree Pruning Lido Isle

Lido Isle Tree PlantingBeach Tree Service is a tree service company that provides the residents of Lido Isle in Newport Beach with professional tree care services. We provide quality workmanship and at an affordable price, which has made us one of the most trusted companies in Southern California when it comes to trees. Our team will take down any dead or dying trees on your property as well as trimming branches that are close to power lines for safety reasons. If you’re not sure how much our service would cost, just give us a call to discuss your project and request and estimate. 

Palm Tree Planting Lido Isle

Planting large palm trees on Lido Isle in Newport Beach requires attention to safety and lots of heavy machinery. Large trees are planted in holes that have been dug at least 18 inches deep and most often quite a bit deeper depending on the height, weight, and type of tree to be planted. Of course, it is important to ensure the hole will be large enough for the root ball and provide proper drainage for the roots to take hold, otherwise, not only does this cause a safety hazard, but also it can lead to an increase in pests and diseases such as mold.

To prepare for planting, all nearby trees should be removed or trimmed back so they do not interfere with digging or tree placement. The number one rule when preparing your site before starting these types of work is to always make sure you understand the space requirements and other considerations for your trees so they can thrive for years to come!

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