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Monarch Beach

Monarch Beach is a beautiful place to live! Its trees are amazing because they never stop growing and changing form over time!

As you walk down the streets of Monarch Beach, there are beautiful trees everywhere and I am always so impressed with how they can grow when consistently pruned into such a perfect shape. The skies are very sunny and clear in this area which makes it just amazing to be outside all day long. The people here are friendly and welcoming as well! This place has everything one could ever need or want from a home; what more could you ask for?

Monarch Beach in Dana Point is a great place for people who want to experience the beauty of trees. Park goers can sit on benches and observe monarch butterflies while enjoying the view, or they can walk among the trees as well. If you’re looking for something to do with your family, this would be a perfect spot because there are parks that everyone will enjoy!

Monarch Beach residents enjoy outdoor activities, and the beach is one of the best in Southern California. It’s a great place to head if you’re looking for warm sun, cool water, and soft sand. The waves are gentle enough for children while still providing plenty of excitement for more advanced surfers. Monarch Beach offers many different ways to experience nature with whale watching tours as well as kayaking trips on our nearby lagoons.

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Tree Pruning vs. Tree Lacing

Balboa Island Tree ContractorWhat is the difference between tree pruning and tree lacing?

The difference between having your tree pruned and laced may sound drastic, but these two popular forms of trimming trees have more in common than you may think. Lacing is actually a type of Pruning. More specifically, Tree lacing is the method of trimming trees in a way that helps to better admit light and air through the canopy and crown.

With tree lacing, 20-30% of the tree’s overall canopy should be cut away in order for them to grow more quickly. Tree pruning is far more severe, removing significantly larger portions of the tree. Pruning most often takes place on trees that are top-heavy or that grow at accelerated rates. The goal of tree pruning in these instances can be to eliminate issues such as crossing, co-dominate, and splitting branches.

Pruning and trimming are two different means to the same end: foliage upkeep. While pruning involves removing significant chunks of the tree’s outermost branches, trimming only removes or modifies smaller portions of your vegetation.

Dead Wooding Monarch Beach

“Deadwooding” is the customary act of trimming off dead branches from your tree. Over time, branches on a tree will slowly die off. Trees often receive only partial sunlight and nutrients across one side of the trunk, leading to too few leaves or branches in some areas.

As trees grow on your property, dead wood will form naturally near their crown. When pruning a tree, removing dead and diseased branches is an important part of the process. This service is used to treat trees that carry a lot of weight in their canopy. Trees that overhang public roads, houses, communal areas, and gardens should be cleared of dead or dying branches at least once a year.

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