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Newport Coast

Newport Coast is located immediately south of the central business district in the city of Newport Beach. Prior to becoming part of the city, it was an independent census-designated place in Orange County, California from 2001 to 2016 until it was annexed into Newport Beach.

Tree Service Newport Coast


We specialize in tree removal, tree trimming, and pruning, stump grinding & much more! Our goal is to provide outstanding customer service by exceeding your expectations every time you call us. Tree Services Newport Coast is an experienced tree care company that serves clients in Newport Coast, California, and nearby beach communities. 

The team at Tree Services Newport Coast employs highly skilled tree crews who are experts in diagnosing problems involving trees on residential properties, office spaces, or commercial buildings. When it’s time to trim or remove trees from your property, Beach Tree Service can handle all of your needs!

Commercial Tree Services Newport Coast


Beach Tree Services has a combined experience in the tree care business of over 30 years. We are a full-service tree company serving residential, commercial and government clients throughout the beach cities of Orange County.

Beach Tree Services has been providing tree removal services since our inception. Our services include tree surveys, consultations related to quality assurance programs, emergency response coordination during storms or natural disasters such as high wind, flooding or fire, as well as hazardous tree inspections that require crane service for removals where needed. 

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Whether you are looking for tree removal, maintenance, stump grinding, or any other tree service, contact Beach Tree Service to discuss your project!

Stump Grinding Newport Coast


Newport Coast Tree ServiceIn addition to providing tree removal services around Newport Coast, our crews offer complete stump grinding so there will be no trace of their existence left behind when they’re gone and you can utilize the space for something the better suits your lifestyle. 

Stump grinding is a method of completely removing unwanted tree stumps by using an engine-driven grinder to grind away as much of the stump as possible. The process can be done manually, with a machine or with high-pressure water jets to accomplish the same thing. Grinders come in many sizes and shapes to use depending on the application. A removable head for maintenance access will make it easier when changing blades or chipping out old teeth that no longer work properly. The grinding wheel should also be able to spin freely without wobbling as this sign shows wear, which could lead to early bearing failure. The angle of the blade determines how aggressive the cut will be so we choose our grinders wisely! 

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