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Top of the World

The Top of the World Laguna Beach neighborhood is a very unique area in Southern California. The small residential community features homes that are on top of tall bluffs overlooking the Pacific Ocean and even have its own private beach access to Shell Beach, which is only accessible from this particular neighborhood. This home was built right next door to one another with trees all around them providing privacy for each residence – you can’t see any other houses or buildings at all! It’s truly like living up in a treehouse because there isn’t much more than 25 feet between some residences (except when there are stairs). There are no sidewalks so it feels as though you’re walking through nature instead of an urban setting while exploring these streets.

The Top of the World area is just a short drive from Laguna Beach. You’ll be fortunate to find such an amazing location, with sweeping views and plenty of trees for shade in this top neighborhood near the coast. It’s easy to see why so many locals call it home–and you will too when you purchase your real estate there!

There are great schools nearby including La Paz Elementary School, Marina Vista Middle School, and Laguna Canyon High School. Residents can enjoy quick access to shopping on Coast Highway or at The Shops at Mission Viejo.

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Corrective Tree Pruning Top Of The World

Tree Services Top Of The World Laguna Beach
Tree Services Top Of The World Laguna Beach

Correcting tree pruning involves trimming trees to help them live out their natural life span. Trees need trimming for many reasons, including safety and beauty concerns. Branches can break or fall off trees due to weather conditions such as heavy winds or storms. Closer branches also provide less protection from the sun during hot periods of the year, which will cause foliage damage over time on trees that are too close together in an area without enough space between trees.

Corrective pruning is important because this will create a healthier tree. Corrective pruning is the most common form of tree trimming. It requires a ladder and specialized tools such as bypass or anvil, loppers, saws etc. Corrective pruning can be necessary for:

  • Removing branches that are dead or diseased
  • Bending branch angles to avoid obstacles (like power lines)
  • Improving overall appearance by keeping trees in proportion with each other and removing crossing limbs which cause visual narrowing at the top of the canopy

Corrective tree pruning and maintenance includes periodic pruning and removal because a tree may have grown taller than its canopy size allows it to support healthy growth; has lost more limbs than it would normally lose even with severe weather; is diseased or insect-infested so badly that all signs point towards removal rather than saving it. In certain situations, tree cabling and bracing may be necessary to maintain the health of the tree. 

Tree Staking Top Of The World

Tree staking is a method of tree care that is used to stabilize trees in windy areas. The trees at the Top Of The World area are beautiful and it would be a shame if they were destroyed due to high winds or other hazards. This is why our tree care technicians stake trees using this technique, which entails attaching metal poles around trees with ropes that extend from one side of the trunk out to stakes on opposite sides of the tree.

Staking trees can be done during any season, but typically happens more often during winter months for reasons stated above. Tree trimming will always happen before staking because you cannot properly do either without the tree being properly weighted and balanced prior to staking. Tree staking is important because it prevents the tree from collapsing in on itself and potentially injuring people, structures, or property. Staking also provides a way to control trees that are growing too close together, shading one another or blocking access to power lines.

In order for a tree not to be dangerous, it must be staked properly so as not to hurt anyone or anything if the stake breaks away. Trees should also have enough space around them because of shade or being blocked with other trees. Improperly placed stakes could lead to injury which is why it is so important to be done correctly! 

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