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Tree Stump Removal Beach Cities

Removing a tree stump can be a big job if you are in a hurry and don’t have the right tools. Our tree stump removal process is safe and efficient so you don’t have to worry about doing any of the work yourself.

Tree stumps can be hard to remove because they are difficult for standard DIY tools or chemical agents to penetrate. Demolition equipment can be used, but it may cause collateral damage to other nearby plants or trees, or release of hazardous materials from the soil around the stump that leaches onto other plants and trees.

The safest and fastest way to remove a tree stump with minimal effort and expense is by using an excavator equipped with a cutting arm fitted with a chainsaw blade which has been modified so that one edge of the blade angles upward like a chisel. A larger “V” shaped notch on this type of cutter arm allows the sawyer more room when making cuts and makes access far easier in tight quarters. This type of cut will slice through wood fibers like butter leaving pulp behind unlike conventional circular chainsaws where chips fly everywhere.

Hiring a tree stump removal service is a good idea if you have expensive property improvements or other trees and plants that need to be protected in the process. We understand that there are many tree stump removal services to choose from. That’s one reason we focus on doing things the right way the first time with customer service top of mind. We make sure to use the best care in delivering our expert tree services at all times, so we do no unnecessary harm to your lawn or garden in any way. The process of removing the tree stump can be complicated depending on the type of tree and surrounding landscape, buildings and other improvements, but cost may vary depending on how many tree stumps you have removed at once and how large the area is where the roots are located.

We pride ourselves on being the best tree stump removal service in the beach cities. While we offer a wide range of services and have excellent customer service, we also make sure that we offer competitive pricing so you get the best results for your money. 




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Beach Tree Service

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Tree Service Cameo Highlands
Tree Service Cameo Highlands

Beach Tree Service offers everything you need whether you want help with cutting down trees, digging up roots, or removing branches from power lines and fences that are in close proximity. We even do clean ups after fire extreme weather events like storms and heavy wind

When looking for professionals who offer these services, it is important to take note of their qualifications and experience as well as how they handle any potential issues that may arise. Hiring the wrong company without proper equipment or experience can lead to devastating consequences if a tree or stump removal is done incorrectly. The costs to remove an old tree stump may seem expensive depending on the size and complications involved, such as roots present under concrete slabs or other obstacles where excavation equipment is needed. However, the damage caused by tree roots over time can be extensive. Trees can be removed from most yards without too much difficulty but removing them from tight quarters like backyards, driveways, sidewalks, and walkways usually increases the cost and difficulty of doing the job correctly.

Tree Stump Removal Complications

Many people are not able to remove a stump themselves and need help from professionals. Tree stump removal can get very complicated and dangerous when tree limbs or equipment is near power lines and fences. Additionally, most people don’t know where their underground utilities may lie which makes tree stump removal near homes very dangerous. If you attempt to remove roots with machinery and hit an underground utility line, your tree stump removal can get very expensive very fast.

Tree Stump Removal For Lot Clearing or Beautification

Tree removal is an important consideration for any yard or lot. The two most common reasons people choose to remove a tree and stump are either because the tree has died and become hazardous, or they want to clear out more space in order to make their land look better aesthetically. Whatever your reasoning may be, there are often times when it can seem difficult or expensive to pay someone else to do all of this work for you. 

Tree Stump Removal Tools

Mauls, chainsaws, and chisels or posthole diggers are the most common ways that property owners attempt to remove stumps from their property. However, Beach Tree Services has an entire inventory of tree and stump removal equipment that we can use to meet the needs of any project, including unforeseen challenges that may arise during a project. 

When using a maul, the first step is to use the maul on the stump, then when it’s loosened up a little with the maul you can finish it off with a chainsaw. This way will work best if there is not as much wood in between. The second option which is usually more efficient than this one, would be using an electric chain-saw for cutting down trees that are standing upright but have been cut at ground level by having them fall over into position. You could also hire someone else to remove tree stumps from your yard if you don’t want to get dirty or spend hours digging out dirt and rocks needed for removing these large pieces of unwanted landscape.

Tree Stump Removal Accidents

If you’re looking to remove a tree stump, it is important that you only hire professionals like our crews at Beach Tree Service. Tree stumps are typically quite large and can be dangerous if not handled properly.  Here at  Beach Tree Service, we have the experience necessary for removing any size tree stump safely and efficiently. If your property has an old tree or one that died due to disease or fire blight, contact our team of experts today! We know how to do this job quickly and without risking safety issues to yourself, your family or your property. 

Benefits of Tree Stump Removal

Tree stump removal removes the eyesore of a tree stump that’s annoying to look at in the yard or garden or getting in the way of repurposing that space for something more useful. Tree stumps can be hazardous if they’re close enough to your house because they have roots below ground level that will cause issues for you down the line. Dangers include leaning trees as well. For example, whole fences can fall over when one side was rotted from water damage caused by rotting roots from a fallen tree on his property. Also, if you love trees as much as we do, once a tree stump is removed, you can then plant a tree in its place! You can work with your contractor to create a new landscaping design that incorporates the new space into your landscape design.

Tree Stump Root Damage

Tree Service Cameo Shores
Tree Service Cameo Shores

Tree stumps are a common problem for homeowners. Tree stump roots can cause damage to your property such as to sidewalks, driveways, foundations, irrigation systems and sewer or other buried utility lines. Tree roots can also cause significant damage to your landscape, such as creating large holes in the ground or breaking pavement and concrete slabs.

If you notice any of these problems happening on your property, we recommend contacting a reputable tree service company as soon as possible to identify and prevent further damage. It’s no secret that tree stump roots can cause damage to your hardscapes and other concrete fixtures because the tree roots can grow up to six feet deep in the group around your foundation and other hardscape features. A great tree stump removal service will lift stumps from the ground, grind them into a fine powder or chips before disposal ensuring that they are no longer attractive places for new trees to take root. 

In addition to hardscape features, tree stump roots can also cause damage to your swimming pool. If tree stumps are not removed from a property in a timely manner, they can severely damage the pool decking or structure of the pool underground. 

In addition, trees that are toppled over in storms can cause debris to enter your swimming pool or cause damage to the pool deck and other pool features such as waterfalls and other aesthetics. Even though these may not seem to be imminent threats to your pool, if undetected and taken care of, those roots can cause severe and expensive damage. 

Some additional problems that tree roots can cause are: 

  • They’re a nuisance in gardens and lawns. 
  • They make it difficult for grass, flowers or vegetables to grow because they disrupt the soil’s natural ability to breathe.
  • They spread quickly and can be very destructive if left unchecked. Roots from one healthy tree will send out as many as 100 shoots per year! 
  • Those roots get bigger with every new season and can create pressure on anything underground over time 
  • Roots don’t play well with pipes and can bend them over time, resulting in leaks that lead to costly plumbing or septic repairs 
  • Damage to your patio
  • Damage to your driveway
  • Damage to your sidewalk
  • Damage to your landscape 

When the roots grow too deep underground and then rot upwards, they can sometimes lift up your concrete sidewalks and driveways. The best way to get rid of a tree stump is to remove it with an excavation machine handled by a professional tree service crew.

Tree Stump Excavation Machinery

If you have a tree stump in your yard or garden, it can be difficult to remove. A lot of people try pulling the root and soil out with a shovel or digging bar but that’s not effective most of the time. Instead, consider hiring a professional crew with an excavator to cut through the top and then scoop up the roots and whatever remains. It might take two or three passes depending on how deep down things are buried and we always maintain at least one foot between where the blade is cutting and anything important like structures for safety reasons!

The most difficult tree stumps to remove include trees that are well-rooted in the ground, as these take a lot of time to remove. Tree stump removal is necessary when you have a tree growing on your property that may cause damage to landscapes and hardscapes. The most difficult trees to remove include those where the roots go deep into the ground and require more work than most other types of stumps. These need special tools like chippers or chainsaws so they can be cut down without damaging anything else around it. This generally takes much longer, but is worth it for safety reasons. Tree stumps should not be removed too close to structures such as buildings or sidewalks because there may be damage caused by soil erosion if left unattended for too long. Remember that removing all traces of a tree from your yard is a job best left to tree service professionals!

DIY Tree Stump Removal

That said, there are many ways that you can remove a tree stump from your yard as a DIY project, although this is not recommended. First, you can either try to dig it out with a shovel or other tools which is the easiest and quickest option for stumps that are accessible and not in a danger zone. That said, the DIY method does require quite a bit of work. 

There are also various products on the market such as Stump Master, Tree Sack and Root-Away which have been designed to remove stumps through chemical application. This Will make removal easier with less mess than trying to do it by hand, but you also run the risk of damaging or killing nearby plants and trees and the process does take quite a bit of time and attention to execute from start to finish. All of these products differ in their own way or another, but they mainly break down into the two main categories of chemical treatments/deterrents (which use biocides) or natural detergents and oils (such as soap).

The chemicals used often act like poison within minutes of being applied, meaning that if an animal comes near, it can also be dangerous for them. There are all factors that any property owner should take into consideration when deciding the best route to take for their stump removal project. 

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