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Tree Removal

Trees are important to have in your landscaping because they create shade for your home, protect it from the wind and rain, give you nice views out of windows or patios, and they provide food for birds and squirrels which can add to the enjoyment of your property. For these reasons, many people want to make sure their trees remain healthy. Unfortunately, sometimes trees need some help with this through tree services because what was once a normal looking tree might actually turn into one that is dying or diseased. At Beach Tree Service, we have over 20 years of experience including cutting down small saplings up to very tall palms and oaks. 

When a tree has an issue, there may be much debate as to when it’s appropriate to cut it down or remove it, if at all. Many variables, including the expense of tree maintenance and even sentimental attachments to the tree can greatly influence the decision. Dead trees that do not endanger people or personal or other property may be allowed to die naturally without human assistance. Dead woodpecker cavities, as well as other animals’ habitats, are created by dead trees. However, trees that have structural defects that may result in harm to people or property require urgent action to remove safely. Also, local code or CCR’s for planned communities may be a determining factor in how a dead or dying tree is treated. 

Dead trees in urban areas are almost certain to pose a serious safety and property hazard. They may also represent a nuisance to the surrounding community, as they can fall on people or vehicles during strong winds or storms. Removing tree is not difficult with the right expertise and equipment, and disposal may be determined by the type of tree being removed. 

Most tree removal, as well as pruning, are not suitable for amateurs. Hiring a professional essential to getting the job done safely, correctly, and efficiently. 

Experienced tree care professionals are knowledgeable in all aspects of tree care and removal and it is strongly recommended to consult with an experienced tree expert when evaluating the health of a tree and for insect and disease management. 

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A Few Things To Consider When Removing Trees

How healthy is the tree?

If half of a tree or more is destroyed or dying, it should be cut down. A failing tree can live for years and years but will always have restricted or abnormal growth and form. Misshapen leaves are common among trees that have been damaged by herbicides, although they frequently recover.

Is there trunk damage?

Internal rotting is suggested by small, vertical fractures, seams, dead branch stubs, and large old wounds. When the main trunk is severely damaged, the tree must be removed. The inflicted area must be greater than 25 percent of the trunk’s circumference for a wound to heal slowly and without consequence.

Is the tree hollow?

Many trees will live for years with a hollow trunk because the life support tissue, the xylem and phloem, is located on the outer edges of the trunk. The problem is that tree trunk strength may have been damaged, making the tree dangerous. If 1/3 or more of the interior of the tree is hollow or has rotted to any degree, it should be removed for safety and aesthetics.

Are there large dead branches?

Large trees with broken or damaged limbs are a risk to people and property. If less than 25% of branches are damaged, the tree has a good chance of surviving. Branches may cross or begin rubbing against one another, in which case they should be removed. Narrow branch angles, in particular those on the primary trunk, are especially prone to splintering and should be addressed as soon as possible. This is best accomplished when the tree is small. If a narrow crotch is too big to remove, cabling the two co-dominant leaders can relieve strain while preventing breakage. An arborist does this procedure.

Are all dead branches only on one side of the tree?

The weather may cause a tree to lean one way or the other. If that is the case, the tree may be unstable and potentially dangerous. A dead branch sticking out of a tree on only one side might be a sign of root or trunk damage on that side. An arborist should inspect such trees.

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Are there sprouts or branches coming from the base of the tree?

These sprouts are a result of severe stress, which suggests that the tree is damaged in some way. Over-exposure to the sun after thinning a forest or soil compaction is very typical of trees that have suffered recent house construction damage, as well as signs of severe stress. Do arborists examine such trees? These are indicators that something isn’t right with the tree.

Is there trunk rot or fungus growing near the base of the tree?

Fungi that grow on the tree are not necessarily connected with root ailments, but fungi that develop inside the wood are an indication of internal decay and must be evaluated by an arborist.

Is the tree leaning?

A leaning tree is more of a threat than one that grows vertically. Breakage or weakening of roots is an indication of a lean, and the tree should be taken down as soon as possible. If a tree leans 15% or more from vertical, it probably should be cut down.

Is the tree under power lines?

Trees growing under power lines should reach a diameter of less than 25cm. A tree that is overgrowing power lines will need to be reduced in size. Electricity can arc as much as ten feet to wet tree leaves and the earth, resulting in a power outage or property damage during wet weather. Homeowners should never remove tree branches anywhere near power lines on their own. The cost of an electrocution due to contact with the electricity or a grounding arc from deadly electrical current conducted through a ladder, pruning tool, or person would be enormous. Always engage the services of a professional for these hazardous occupations.

What is the history of the tree?

Problems caused by previous pruning operations might persist for years. The fracture of the new growth is a result of following the outdated, out-of-date method of “toping” trees. Overfertilization is another cause of a tree’s gradual decline. If three inches or more soil has been piled over the root system of the tree, it shall most certainly die. Many trees may be saved if detected early before any stress symptoms appear.

What is the environment in which the tree lives?

The environment in which a tree grows is also important. Trees with shallow root systems that grow on rock ledges or near a body of water are frequently observed. After building, the removal of nearby trees is a frequent problem. Trees that are suddenly exposed to sunlight are put under tremendous stress as a result of the abrupt change in exposure. Unfortunately, 3-5 years after being planted in a forest, trees that were spared from removal usually die. They succumb to soil compaction, grading changes, and direct sunshine exposure as they have been developed in such an environment.

How much space is available for tree growth?

In the wild, trees grow close together in the forest; therefore planting shade trees in groves that mimic nature is acceptable. They will grow together as they do in nature to form a single large collection. It is not suggested that you have actual trees hanging over your roof when it comes to your home. Large trees should be at least 20 feet away from your house, according on most rules. Smaller trees, such as dogwood, might be planted as near as 6 feet from the house if desired.

Other tree removal considerations

  • Will removal benefit or enhance nearby trees?
  • Is the tree in question in a position to interfere with traffic sightlines, stoplights, or does it create other hazards?
  • Does the tree have historic value? Trees that have historic or sentimental value may have more justification to salvage the tree. On the other hand, if a tree is losing many large branches, it is likely time for it to be removed and replacement may be considered.

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